VDO Full Form in Hindi- A Prestigious Position in India

VDO Full Form: A lot of the population in India lives in rural areas or villages, and in the villages, they make their living by doing farming. In such a situation, it is the job of a VDO to reach out to these people through the government’s projects, develop rural areas, and provide all kinds of facilities. This is a government official who works for the development of the village. But Do you know what VDO is?, What VDO Full Form is?, and how to become a VDO Officer? If you want to become a VDO, let me tell you some pinpoints of the VDO.

In this article, I will give you information related to VDO, VDO Full Form in Hindi, VDO, its functions, and how to become VDO? To become this officer, what should be done, what should be the qualification for this? How far will I have to study to become this, etc.?

VDO Full Form in Hindi

VDO का full form ” Village Development Officer ” होता है, हिंदी में इसे ग्राम विकास अधिकारी कहते है।

ग्राम विकास अधिकारी (Village Development Officer) का मुख्य काम ग्रामीण इलाको का विकास करना होता है इसके साथ ही विकास से जुडी जानकारी सरकार तक पहुँचाने का काम भी VDO अधिकारी करता है।

What is VDO?

The Village Development Officer (VDO) is the head or secretary of the village and is responsible for the development of the village. VDO is known by different names like Principal Secretary, Gram Sevak, etc., in rural areas. These are various development-related works in the village like arranging education for the children in the village, removing the problem of water and electricity, reaching the information about the projects made by the government in the rural areas, providing medical facilities in the village. It plays an essential role in doing such kind of work.

Eligibility to become Village Development Officer (VDO)

You know the VDO full form, what is VDO very well, now going further, I will tell you about some necessary qualifications required for this prestigious position. Here are some qualifications required to become a VDO.

If you want to become a VDO, you must have passed 12th class, and along with this, you should also have a diploma in any computer course. If you have both things, you can apply to become a VDO.

To become a VDO, the age limit should be from 18 to 40 years; besides, there is a relaxation of three years for OBC category candidates and five years for ST / SC category candidates.

How to Become a VDO Officer?

Those who want to become VDO will have to appear in the examination conducted by the state. And you have to pass this exam with good marks. This exam is conducted in three phases which are as follows –

Written Exam

First of all, you have to give a written exam. In this written exam, you will be asked 30 marks questions related to Hindi and writing, 30 marks pertaining to General Awareness, and 20 marks of General Aptitude. You get 90 minutes to do this exam, and this written exam is of a total of 80 marks.


When you clear the written test, you will be called for the interview; In this process, you are asked some questions, for which you are given marks. This interview is of a total of 20 marks. If you can make your name in this phase, your last stage is in which you are physically examined.

Physical Ability

The candidates who clear the written test and interview are then called for a physical test, in which types of things like running, long jump, etc., are made from the candidate. When you clear this physical test, you are selected by the government to become a Village Development Officer.

What are the functions of the Village Development Officer?

The responsibilities of the Village Development Officer are elucidated below:

(a) To make arrangements for health and medicine in the village

(b) Provision of places for storage of manure.

(c) To arrange education for the children.

(d) To make arrangements for cleanliness in the village.

(e) It is also the job of VDO to provide information to the people of the village about the schemes brought by the Central Government and the State Government and to provide the benefits of those schemes to the people of the village.

(f) To provide electricity, water and road construction in the village.

(g) Whatever problem arises in the village, it is the work of the Village Development Officer to reach it to the Zilla Parishad so that that problem can be redressed.

(h) To help in the development of the agriculture commerce industry in the village.

(i) VDO is responsible for registering and maintaining documents like birth certificates, death certificates, marriage registration, etc.

(j) To conduct the annual programs in the villages in a suitable manner.

Apart from these, a Village Development Officer has many other functions, and the Village Development Officer plays an essential role in developing rural areas.

Village Development Officer Salary

After becoming a Village Development Officer (VDO), you get 5200- 20200 every month as a salary from the government. Along with this, you get Rs 2000 as Grad Pay every month. Friends, the wages of Village Development Officer can be different in different states.

What Have You Learned?

In this post, you got to know about VDO. In this, you have learned what VDO is, its functions, VDO Full Form, the qualification required to become a Village Development Officer, and many more.

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