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SDO Full Form: If you are curious to know What is Full Form of SDO is in Hindi?, What is an SDO?, how to become an SDO?, What should be the Qualification to Become an SDO?, which exam has to be passed to become an SDO, etc. Do read it thoroughly; in this, you will get the answer to all the questions.

In today’s time, every person wants to get a good job as well as a handsome salary and respect, that is why today’s youth prefer government job instead of a private job. Because in a government job, you will get an opportunity to expand your problem-solving ability & critical thinking as well as several benefits & job security. But getting a government job is not as easy as people understand; for this, you have to be determined and do work hard. Moreover, you will have to be always motivated, study carefully and also you have to go through examinations, and then you get a government job. In today’s article, we will tell you about the position of SDO Officer. If you also have a desire to become an SDO, then this article of ours will be helpful for you.

SDO Full Form in Hindi – एसडीओ का फुल फॉर्म क्या है?

SDO Full Form – Sub Divisional Officer होता है। हिंदी में एसडीओ को अनुविभागीय अधिकारी या अनुमंडल पदाधिकारी भी कहते है। यह किसी भी विभाग जैसे बिजली विभाग, पुलिस विभाग, सिंचाई विभाग का सबसे बड़ा अधिकारी होता है। एसडीओ अधिकारी की नियुक्ति राज्य सरकार द्वारा सभी विभागों में की जाती है। यह अधिकारी एसडीएम के स्तर का होता है, एसडीएम अधिकारी पीसीएस स्तर का अधिकारी होता है।

Who is SDO?

Sub Divisional Officer, which is abbreviated as SDO officers are present in each department of every state of the country like Police Department, Social Welfare Department, Electricity Department, Irrigation Department, etc.

The main task of an SDO is to see all the work happening inside his department smoothly, as well as to check all the jobs done in the department and to check the files correctly. The SDO checks the work done by the department and makes sure that the work is being done correctly or not.

The work of the SDO is very responsible because, without the SDO officer, any kind of work cannot be done. Therefore, they have to take a responsibly thinking decision so that the work can be done well. If there is any obstacle or mistake in any work, then all of them are the responsibility of the SDO officer. SDO officers work under their state government, and they are also appointed by the state government.

An SDO is appointed in all the districts in every state of our country, whose main task is to handle the government system smoothly.

How to Become an SDO Officer?

The SDO is selected by the government in two ways. The first is promotion; that is, if you are already an officer in any department, then after some years of work experience, you will be eligible to become an SDO officer. On the other hand, the government itself organizes the examination for appointment to this post.

As we told you, the SDO officer works under the state government, so it becomes the responsibility of the state government to select the SDO officer. Every year the state government conducts the examination to choose the SDO. This exam is driven by the Public Service Commission or also known as Public Service Commission. SDO selection test is conducted every year by the Public Service Commission in almost all states.

All the candidates who are willing to become SDO can participate in this exam. To participate in this exam, it is mandatory for the candidate to be a graduate in the field of the concerned department, such as if you want to become an SDO of the irrigation department, then for that you must have completed graduation in the field of agriculture.

What are the Eligibility Qualifications to Become SDO?

You all know very well that the qualification for every government job is different and for that, some qualifications are set by the government. Similarly, to become an SDO, it is mandatory for you to have some essential requirements, which is like this –

If your dream is to become an SDO, then for that, you should have completed your graduation from any recognized university. To become an SDO, any candidate who has done graduation in the field of engineering, commerce, arts, science, etc., can fill out its examination form.

What is the Age Limit to become SDO?

The age limit has also been fixed to become an SDO. All the candidates who want to apply for this post, age should be between 21 to 30 years. But reserved category ST/SC students are given some relaxation in age limit.

(a) ST/SC category candidates are given a relaxation of five years in the prescribed age.

(b) The OBC category candidate is given a relaxation of three years in the prescribed age.

What is the Selection Process of SDO Officer?

To become an SDO officer, you have to pass three examinations, out of which two tests are in writing, and the last examination is oral, i.e., Interview. If you pass all these exams, then you will be selected for the post of SDO. In the same way, if you fail to crack the exam, then you will not be chosen as an SDO officer. Therefore if you want to become an SDO, then you have to work very hard for that.

The selection test of SDO is conducted in three phases which are as follows –

1. Pre Exam

This exam is the first stage exam of SDO. It consists of two papers of 200 marks each. In this exam, the candidate is asked multiple-choice questions related to Mathematics, Reasoning, General Knowledge (GK), English subjects. When you pass this stage, then you get the call for the second stage.

2. Mains Exam

This is the second stage exam of SDO. The candidates who clear the first stage get a chance to appear in this exam. This exam is also written, and it is a bit tougher than the first stage.

3. Interview

The candidates who clear the first and second stages are called for an Interview. In this exam, you are asked questions by officials who are in reputed positions and will test your acumen in diverse fields. When you pass this last stage, i.e., Interview, you are appointed as an SDO.

What are the Responsibilities of SDO Officer?

SDO is the most prominent officer of his department who is responsible for all the work coming under his department. Checks all the work done by the department and checks all the files related to them properly, as well as keep an eye on all the work being done under his department.

No work is done without checking SDO. The main work of the SDO is to complete all the assignments of the government department in a good way, as well as monitor the work of its field with the help of other officers. Apart from this, the SDO also listens to the complaints received by the public for small officers. The role that a DM plays in the entire district is the same role that an SDO plays in his department.

Salary of SDO Position

The salary of an SDO officer is around Rs 23,000 per month, in which allowances and grades are available separately. Many facilities were also given to the SDO officer by the government. If all types of facilities and allowances are added together, then the salary of SDO can be around Rs 51,000 per month, while the salary of a senior post officer is more than this. Apart from this, other facilities such as a house, an accessible telephone facility, and a government vehicle are also provided to the SDO by the government.

Concluding Words on Sub Divisional Officer

Most people have a dream that they also become a government officer of some great post, but there are many people who are unable to fulfill their dreams due to a lack of knowledge. SDO officer is an excellent option to do a job in the post of government officials because in this post you get a good salary as well as respect.

Through this article, we have given you information related to SDO Officer Full Form, what is SDO, SDO complete form in Hindi, eligibility to become SDO, what should be the age limit for SDO, and many more.

I hope you have got complete information about SDO officers by reading this article. If you liked this article, then definitely share it, and if you have any kind of question-related to this article, then you can comment on us. Thank you for staying till the end of this article.

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