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RIP Full Form: You must have seen people using the word RIP on the Internet often. People write this word with a person’s photo and keep it in the form of status on their social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc., where other people use that photo. After seeing this, we start writing RIP in the comment box. In such a situation, for many people who do not know about it, a question comes to their mind why are people writing RIP again and again? Today in this article, we will learn about it in detail.

The use of this word is in vogue on social media, but many people do not know much about it, due to which they give wrong answers in the comment box. If you also have questions related to RIP like -RIP Ka Matlab Kya Hai, Full Form of RIP, RIP Hindi Meaning, where RIP is used and what is it used for etc., then the answer to all these questions is in this I am going to give it to you through the article.

RIP Full Form & Meaning in Hindi

RIP का full form “REST IN PEACE” होता हैं। इसको लैटिन भाषा के शब्द Requiescat in Pace से लिया गया है, जिसका हिंदी में मतलब शांति से आराम होता है। आप अगर इंटरनेट का उपयोग करते हैं तो अक्सर आपने लोगों को सोशल मीडिया जैसे व्हाट्सएप, फेसबुक, इंस्टाग्राम आदि में  बहुत सारे Word का उपयोग करते देखा होगा उनमें से एक शब्द RIP भी है।

People keep using many small words on the Internet, and one of the reasons behind using these small words is that one, we do not need to type many words, and it also saves time. For example, instead of Happy Birthday, people just write HBD; instead of writing Good Night, they just take gd for good morning, and several others go on.

Some of the words are so popular that people keep using them in their everyday life, like Oh My God, people just say OMG. The use of such short terms is also very stylish to the people, due to which the popularity of these short-form words is increasing day by day.

In today’s time, the word RIP is very much in vogue on social media, so it becomes important for you to know its full form.

RIP Meaning

The meaning of writing or speaking the word RIP (Rest in Peace) is to pay tribute to a dead person. When a person dies due to some reason, RIP is used to express condolences to him.

When a person dies, we pray to God for the Peace of his soul, and if the same thing is to be said by writing in English, then we use Rest in Peace or R I P.

RIP is used in Christianity to pray for the Peace of the soul of a dead person. People of many different religions live all over the world, and life and death are expressed in different ways in each religion. Every person follows the teachings written in the scriptures of his faith, and his belief is the best for every human being.

In Christianity, when a person dies, he is buried in the ground. Moreover, in Christianity, it is believed that one day Judgment will come, and the Lord will resurrect everyone to give an account of good and bad deeds. In this way, waiting for that day is called Rest in Peace. In Christianity, after burying a dead person, Rest in Peace is written on his grave.

When to use RIP Word?

As we told you, this word is written on the grave of the dead person in Christianity. Rest in Peace is also used in the church, the religious place of Christians. The human body is considered immortal in Christianity.

In today’s time, people of almost all religions use this word to pray for the Peace of the soul of the dead person. People express homage to the deceased person by speaking RIP and praying to God for the Peace of that person’s soul.

The word RIP (Rest in Peace) is being used a lot on social media. Friends, this is a sentimental word, so this word should be used carefully. You cannot use this word anywhere.

In the Hindu religion, when a person dies, homage is paid to that dead person by saying ‘Om Shanti’ and praying to God for the Peace of his soul. RIP is not mentioned anywhere in Hindu religious texts, so this concept is not considered in Hinduism.

In today’s time, English has become very popular, and many people like to talk and write in English, so when a new English word comes, everyone starts using that word. Word RIP happened together, and now almost everyone uses this word.

Concluding Words on RIP Full Form

So friends, in this article, what is the Full Form of RIP in Hindi, RIP ka Matlab (Hindi Meaning Of RIP), where is it used, where did this word start, etc.

We hope that in this article, RIP Full Form in Hindi, you must have got the right information related to RIP. It is very important for people to know about such words, so you must share this article. Thank you for staying on our post till the end!.

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