NTT Full Form- Why Students are Choosing the Course After 12th

NTT Full Form: In this article, I will tell you what NTT Full Form is, as well as what NTT Course is. NTT is such a course, on which after doing you can teach children at the initial level, i.e., you can become a teacher of small children. If you want to go into the field of teaching after the 12th, then this NTT course can be a good option for you. But do you know about every fine detail of this discipline? It is essential to know everything about the things or matters before you would jump into them. We should have complete information about it, so read this article entirely if you want information about NTT.

In this article, we are going to give you the NTT Full Form, what is NTT, what should be the qualification to do the NTT Course, how much is the fee for doing this course, and what is the admission process for the NTT course and many more.

NTT Full Form in Hindi

सबसे पहले हम इसका पूरा नाम जान लेते है फिर बाद में यह कोर्स होता क्या है, इसको करने के लिए जरुरी योग्यता क्या होती है आदि के बारे में जानेगे।

NTT Full Form – Nursery Teacher Training होता है। हिंदी में एनटीटी को नर्सरी शिक्षक प्रशिक्षण कहते है। यह शिक्षण के क्षेत्र में प्रवेश करने के लिए शुरूआती कोर्स है।

What is NTT Course (NTT Course Details)

As we told you, the full name of NTT is Nursery Teacher Training. It is a one-year diploma course, after which you can provide education to the young children of the school as a nursery teacher. Friends, during this course, you are trained in such a way that you provide education to small children to act as a catalyst in mental development. So it is a significant course that provides better education and instils good qualities, morals, and good habits in them. Can go

Talking about the attitude of a nursery teacher, they should have patience, energy, enthusiasm, and passion for teaching the children. The teacher should also like to spend time with the children to build a good rapport with them.

Who can Study the NTT Course- Eligibility?

To do this course, the candidate needs to have some qualifications, which are as follows –

The candidate must have passed class XII in any Steam. It is also mandatory for the candidate to get a minimum of 50% marks in the 12th class.

Reserved candidates are given some relaxation in marks.

NTT Course Entrance Exam

Although the government does not conduct any kind of entrance examination for admission in this course, some colleges in our country conduct entrance examinations for admission in this course. For information, let me tell you, in most colleges, admission in NTT courses is given on the basis of your marks in class XII.

Admission Process for NTT Course

The admission process for the NTT course varies from college to college. There are many such colleges that conduct entrance examinations for admission in this course, and there are many other colleges where admission to this course is given based on your marks in class XII.

How much Would Cost to Pursue NTT course?

To do this course, the candidate can have to pay 5000 to 25000 rupees. Mor so, the fee for the NTT course depends on the college you choose, and even the fee for this course varies from college to college. It would be best if you visited the colleges portal that you are interested in to get detailed information on course fees.

NTT Course Syllabus

It is a one-year diploma course consisting of two semesters. In this course, you are taught about many subjects. The subjects taught in this course are as follows –

(a) Child Psychology

(b) Arts and Crafts

(c) Teaching Method

(d) Child Care and Health

(e) Basics of Nursery Education

(f) Nursery School Organization, Community, Child Health and Nutrition

(g) Practical – Project and Viva

Career After NTT Course

After completing this course, there are many options in your career. If a candidate wants to pursue a job after this course, he can teach children as a teacher in school, educational institutions, etc. Apart from this, along with becoming a nursery teacher after the NTT course, students can work as headteachers and centre administrators.

Job options in Private Sector

After becoming an NTT teacher, a candidate has many options to explore for a job in the private sector. You know very well that the number of private schools in our country is much more than government schools, which offer great options to go and become a teacher in a private school. Apart from this, you can also open your nursery school if you want.

Job Options in Government Sector

After doing the NTT course, there are many opportunities to work in the private sector as a teacher as well as work in the government sector. Candidates can teach children in any pre-primary government school or government nursery school. Apart from this, there are many such government sectors where nursery teachers are needed, where you can apply according to your qualifications.

What is the Salary of the NTT Graduates?

The salary of an NTT graduate varies from region to region. After becoming a nursery teacher, you can get an initial salary of 15,000 to 25,000 rupees, which will increase as your experience increases.

Benefits of NTT Course

(a) Children get a lot of information by reading through this course.

(b) After completing this course, one gets the opportunity to work as a nursery teacher, pre-primary teacher and centre administrator.

(c) For the youth who want to make their future in the field of education, this course will prove to be very beneficial for them in the initial level, as well as this will increase your level of self-confidence.

(e) After doing this course, you have the option of opening your nursery school apart from becoming a nursery teacher.

Concluding Words on NTT Full Form

Friends, through this article, we have tried to give complete information about NTT; we have told you well about NTT Full Form in Hindi, NTT Course, and how to do NTT course. What is the essential qualification, the process of admission in this course, how much is the fee for doing this course and how much salary is available after becoming an NTT teacher? All are well explained.

By reading this NTT Full-Form article, I hope you must have got information about NTT. If you have any questions related to NTT in your mind, then you can ask by commenting. Thank you for staying with us on this article!

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