National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day 2022: Everything You Wish to Know

On July 27, Both South Korea and the United States and South Korea observe National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day. A cease-fire during a long conflict was triggered through the peace treaty, which was signed on that day. Without a doubt, this war in the Korean War is a significant part of American history due to the massive loss of a large number of Veterans.

In this bloody conflict (Korean War), America suffered the loss of nearly 500.000 American soldiers, as well as the injuries of more than 100,000, and the detention of thousands more for their roles as War prisoners. This day is a celebration of the sacrifices made by veterans during the long-running Korean War. Additionally, everyone is encouraged to think about the sacrifices and services rendered by American soldiers during the war in the Korean War on National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day.

History of Korean War Veterans Day 2022

It’s commonly referred to as “The Forgotten War,” however one day per year is designated to be a reminder to Americans of the men and women who served and lost their lives in the war -the Korean War Veterans Armistice Day on July 27.

The Korean War started on June 25, 1950, and it was at which point North Korea suddenly started rolling tanks across the 38th Parallel. The initial attack by the communists was successful. In the initial two years of war, North Koreans easily pushed the South Korean and American forces to the back of Pusan, almost to Japan’s Sea of Japan.

After recovering from the shock, the United States set up a border around Pusan to keep communists back. It started to mass troops, vehicles, and planes to fight back. U.S. troops under Gen. Douglas MacArthur landed at Inchon, which was far from that North Korean line, sending the communist forces into chaos.

Then, 21 countries created the United Nations force that pushed the North Koreans further back than the 38th line, seized the capital of the enemy at Pyongyang, and almost fought them all the way to their deaths along the Yalu River — the northern border of China.

Then after that, the Chinese joined the war.

A huge Chinese Army moved across the river and shook up the U.S. and South Korean forces, crushing them and relegating them to the 38th Parallel at a high human cost.

This was only the beginning of four months of the war.

The following two decades saw war turn into a bloody standoff along the 38th parallèle. The fighting grew into an attrition war along the front while U.N. airpower mercilessly bombed the infrastructure and cities of North Korea in a bid to push the communists to accept a place of weakness in the lengthy peace talks.

The time was 10:30 a.m. on July 27, 1953, after more than two decades and 17 months of talks brought to an end three years of grueling combat across the Korean Peninsula.

More than 23600 U.S. service members were killed during the war. Between 300,000 to 900,000 communist soldiers were killed together with the estimated 2.5 million Korean civilians. The defense ministry of South Korea estimates over thirteen7,000 South Korean troops died in the conflict. The very little territory was transferred, considering the magnitude of destruction that it caused.

In the present day, historians and veterans of the war might consider the conflict fought in Korea “The Forgotten War,” however, hidden away in the National Mall, across from the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, is a haunting memorial created in order to make sure that those who participated in the war as well as those who fought in it, and the nearly 250,000 American soldiers who perished in the course of fighting are honored. The memorial was inaugurated in 1995 by then-President Bill Clinton and South Korea’s then-President Kim Young Sam.

The Korean War Veterans Memorial was confirmed on April 20, 1986. The memorial was officially inaugurated on Flag Day in 1992; then-president George H.W. Bush was the chief of ceremonies of the National Mall, where the memorial is now.

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What is Korean War Veterans Day?

After three years since the monument had been completed, U.S. Code Title 36 was modified to commemorate Korean War Veterans Armistice Day in the United States every July 27. Although it is not a national day, this law requires Americans to commemorate the day by participating in appropriate celebrations and events.

It also directs every U.S. government agency and installation to fly the American flag at half-staff in honor of the fallen soldiers who helped protect South Korea free from communism. American officials are invited to visit Arlington National Cemetery, and speeches are held to commemorate the event.

Each every year, President Trump makes a proclamation in honor of Korean War Veterans Armistice Day. In 2020 president Donald Trump issued his proclamation:

“Sometimes called “The Forgotten War, We will forever recall the enormous cost that was incurred by the soldiers who were fighting on the Korean Peninsula. The courage, strength, and determination of our veterans helped free those who were oppressed, brought peace as well as prosperity for a free population, and helped to forge our unbreakable friendship with Korea. The Republic of Korea.”

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