Indian’s Misery Despite India has Prospered

Indian’s misery  is  crucial to jot down despite India has achieved a lot. The significant economic growth achieved in the past two decades has created a new vision for India in the global stage. Many political observers believe that China and India are going to replace the West’s domination in the global political arena in the next 50 years. India is prospering has no doubt but the other crucial fact related to the people of India is also important to take into consideration. After all, India is a developing country. Well, the citizens would not happy,  if their country has high rate of unemployment, corrupted politician and so on. Even, the average Indian witnessed of the atrocities against women, rape, discrimination on the basis of the gender and caste etc.

Causes of Indian’s Misery and Unhappiness

Unemployment in India:

According to the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) report, the unemployment rate in 2017-18 was high from the last 65 years. You know that unemployment is the major reason for Indian’s misery. The report also says that male youth had an unemployment rate of 17.4 percent and 18.7 percent in rural and urban areas. While, women youth had rates of 13.6 percent and 27.2 percent in rural and urban areas in 2017-18.

Unemployment is one of the factor for Indian’s misery. Unemployed individuals are unable to earn money to meet their requirements. It leads to various health problem such as cardiovascular disease, anxiety disorders, depression, and suicide. In addition, unemployed people have higher rates of some drugs use, poor diet, physician visits, tobacco smoking, alcoholic beverage consumption, drug use, and lower rates of exercise. Even, those who tend to be optimistic find it difficult to look on the bright side of things when unemployed.


You will generally see that in every field of work department either it is private or government sector, corruption has occupied its space. Even, when someone breached the traffic signal, they used to put Rs 100 green note in front of the traffic police. It is not only common in India but all over the world. Usually, service man takes bribe as tips of their work. Even, Politician misappropriate the funds (chit fund scam).

Recently, an internal battle at CBI was come into limelight. It was in between the most powerful watchdog agencies of India. The clash was in between the Alok Verma and Rakesh Asthana, namely the Director and the Deputy Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Alok Verma had raised objections when Rakesh Asthana was first appointed as the Director of CBI, because he had allegation that he is in Sterling Biotech controversy (2011). However, his complaint wasn’t heard and Asthana incumbent his office in 2016. The acting Director has made allegations that Verma took a bribe of Rs.2 crore for a case. Then the Deputy Director also accused him for taking bribe in the same case.

The index, which measures perception of corruption in the public sector, uses a scale of 0 to 100, where 0 is highly corrupt and 100 is very clean. India’s score remained intact at 40 points in both 2016 and 2017.


Pollution is also one of the major issue which hinder the path of happiness. Well, pollution is the contamination of unwanted substance in the environment that cause the adverse change. Today, what we get from the environments are all polluted. Industrial revolution is the main factor that has changed the environment into a God of death. It has made the air toxic. Every year, millions of people are being died due to adverse change in this environment.

Recently, in 2018 Kerala received heavy monsoon rainfall, which was about 75% more than the usual rain fell in Kerala. Rainfall was continuous for the first 24 hours on 8th August and the received 310mm of rain. As a result, dams were filled to the brine and which is beyond to the capacity of dams. Due to which, almost all dams were opened, then water was flooding local low-lying areas. For the first time in the state’s history, 35 of its 54 dams had been opened. The deluge rainfall was all due to an impact of the global warming

Due to unabated rainfall, over 483 people died, and 14 are missing from the several regions of the Kerala. There also, about a million people had shifted because of incessant rainfall.

This is similar to the Newton 3rd law motion, as whatever damage would be given to the environment, it would revert the same.

Greediness Cause to Unhappiness

Greedy makes the people think beyond the benefit of human beings. You can generalize from this exemplification that greediness is one of reason of Indian’s misery.

I. Sir Basil Zarharoff was the greediest arms merchant. He made billions selling arms to both sides in WW-1. In war billions of people lost their life. Greedy made him to sell arms in WW-1. For him, war was just a business opportunity that offered him enormous profits from the carnage. Many other war profiteers have been as greedy but none have been as successful.

2. When the greedy person lost their all earning wealth, it turns them into alcoholism, or drug abuse. Greedy does not only affects their physical health but their family too. They became vulnerable to the deep depression and other mental health issues. It contributes the destruction of their family.

3. One example is Scott London, a once successful audit partner at a huge accounting firm. He was earning $900,000 a year, but it appears that wasn’t enough. London decided to start selling sensitive information about some of his clients to a friend. He did Insider Trading, and it’s against the law. Although, he made just $70,000 from the deals (which is fairly difficult for us), but it was the crime. At the end, FBI  caught him and sentenced to 14 months in prison.

You must know that the money can’t change the Karma of a people

Suppose he has enough money to buy costlier food (import costlier food stuff from the other country), has enough money to buy costlier clothes, enough money to buy costlier means of transportation like car, bike, jet planes etc. But when the doctor recommended that he should not eat such food stuffs. Then what is the use of that abundant money that he has hold. Additionally, when he suffers from severe ghastly diseases. Hence, he is at the last stage of life, so, here money does not make any sense.

Greediness of people made them unhappy. Well, happiness lies in the action for human welfare or social welfare. You must know the law of Karma, it is similar to 3rd law of motion. It’s meaning, when your actions are only for the welfare of living creatures (human beings), you will get same. It will embolden the emotion of ones and could find the happiness.

A man is a product of his thoughts, what he will think that he will become.

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