HDU Full Form- What is the Significance of HDU Unit in Hospital?

HDU Full Form: Hello friends, do you know what HDU is? You must have heard about ICU, where such patients are kept whose conditions would have been very serious. There is also one such HDU in which patients are kept for treatment. Since it is related to the field of hospital and medical, it becomes necessary for you to be aware of it.

Today in this article, we will give detailed information about HDU Full Form in Medical, What is HDU? And the difference between HDU and ICU..

HDU Full Form Medical in Hindi

HDU का फुल फॉर्म “High Dependency Unit” होता है। हिंदी में HDU को उच्च निर्भरता इकाई भी कहते है।

What HDU is All About?

HDU is a unit of a hospital which is also called Step-down units (SDUs) and Intermediate care units. In High Dependency Unit, patients are provided more services than the general ward and less than the ICU. Such patients are kept in the High Dependency Unit, whose treatment is difficult in the general ward.

For example, a patient who needs a little treatment is admitted to the general ward of the hospital and as soon as the condition of that patient worsens, he is taken to HDU for more care, same if the patient’s condition is serious. If so, he is admitted to the ICU.

Most small hospitals have HDU units, in big hospitals you get to see very little HDU.

What is the difference between HDU and ICU?

There is not much difference between HDU and ICU, there is only difference between them regarding nursing service. In HDU a nurse takes care of two patients whereas in ICU a nurse takes care of only one patient. The same thing should be talked about in the general ward, where a nurse takes care of 15 to 20 patients simultaneously.

Concluding Words on HDU Full Form

So friends, now you must have got a good idea about HDU. In this article, we have given you good information about HDU Full Form Medical in Hindi, what is HDU, what is the difference between ICU and HDU. I hope you must have liked the little information given by us.

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