Green Crackers- Supreme Court Stand on the Use of Green Firecrackers.

Pollution has been a huge problem for the citizens of India since it poses an immense problem for the environment and can have an adverse effect on the lives of patients suffering from covid-19. It was reported by the Pollution Control Board reported that AQI is decreasing every day. Therefore, to limit the impact of pollution, Supreme Court had made an order to prohibit traditional firecrackers and traditional ones ahead of festive season. Supreme Court did not impose any complete ban on the usage of firecrackers. However, green crackers could be utilized by individuals.

Green crackers too frequently employ polluting chemicals such as barium, aluminum, carbon, and nitrate. However, when the amount is reduced, that in turn reduces emissions by around 30. In some green crackers, these chemicals aren’t at all used. They also make use of additives to help reduce dust to maintain healthy air quality. These factors ensure that green crackers are environmentally friendly and lessen the adverse effects on our environment.

What did Supreme Court Say on Green Crackers ?

On October 28, while considering an application regarding fireworks in the courtroom, the Supreme Court had observed that it did not have a problem with any particular community or festival. But, it couldn’t let others play with the right of the citizen to exercise their rights under cover of power. It stated that there was no complete prohibition for the use of firecrackers and only prohibited crackers that contained Barium salts crackers made of chemical substances or those that were harmful to health.

Supreme Court made clear to the states to enhance the mechanisms to prevent misuse. “Celebration cannot take place at the cost of the other’s health. It is made clear in the order that there is no total ban on the use of firecrackers. Only those firecrackers are banned (joined, chemical) which are found to be harmful to health and affect the health of the citizens particularly the senior citizens and the children,” A justices’ bench comprising justices MR Shah and AS Bopanna was quoted by the news agency ANI.

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