CNG Full Form in Hindi, Its Meaning and Other Essential Details

CNG Full Form: In today’s time, in many countries where CNG gas is used, whether it is in transportation or in the kitchen, and the government there is also making people aware to use CNG gas. It is less harmful to our environment than petrol, diesel and other gas used in other places. In this post, you will get information related to CNG gas, CNG Full Form in Hindi, what is CNG, how CNG gas is made, Advantage of CNG gas, full form of CNG, so read this post carefully.

CNG Full Form in Hindi

CNG का Full Form “Compressed Natural Gas” होता है हिंदी में इसे “संपीडित प्राकृतिक गैस ” भी कहते है। इस गैस का इस्तेमाल पैट्रॉल, डीजल, LPG के बदले में किया जाता है। क्युकी यह पर्यावण को बहुत कम नुकसान पहुँचाता है इसलिए इस गैस को Green Fuel के नाम से भी जाना जाता है।

What is CNG?

CNG is the only type of fuel which is used in transportation, cooking. When CNG gas is burnt, it produces less harmful gas than gases like petrol, diesel etc. CNG is much safer than other gases. CNG gas is lighter than air, if ever accidentally inhaled CNG gas, it dissolves very fast in the air, which does not cause any harm or danger, that is why CNG gas is considered safer than other gases.

How is CNG Gas made?

CNG is made from natural gas also known as methane. CNG gas is formed when natural gas (methane) is kept under high pressure or methane gas is compressed. To use this gas in vehicles, 200–250 kg per square centimeter (200–250 psi) is pressed, so that it fills less space in a cylindrical tank.

If the vehicle is to be run using CNG gas, then it has to enter the engine at a certain pressure, only then the vehicle will run, so this gas is compressed before use.

This gas was first used by America in vehicles, after that Italy and then European countries started using CNG gas. Because this CNG gas is environment friendly, so we should use it in more quantity.

History of CNG

In the year 1800, CNG gas was invented in America, then after some time this gas was used as a fuel in vehicles to protect the environment. The US was the first to use natural gas vehicles. Then after that Italy and other European countries started using CNG as fuel.

Properties of CNG Gas

(a) It is colourless.

(b) It is not poisonous.

(c) It is lighter than air.

(d) It doesn’t have much smell.

(e) When it is stored in a cylinder, it does not rust.

(f) It is highly flammable as it contains high amount of methane gas.

Benefits of CNG Gas

The elucidated points clarify the benefits of the Compressed Natural Gas:

(a) This gas is environment friendly, because CNG gas is less harmful to the environment than diesel and petrol and emits very less amount of harmful gas.

(b) By using this gas in vehicles, the life of the vehicles increases.

(c) Vehicles that use CNG gas have less maintenance.

(d) CNG gas is safer than other gases because it requires a higher temperature to burn, i.e. CNG gas burns at a temperature of 540 degrees centigrade. This property makes it unique and even reduces the risk of fire in vehicles. And, the petrol burns at 250 degree centigrade, due to which the risk of fire in vehicles increases during summer.

(e) CNG gas is much cheaper than petrol, diesel.

(f) It is often seen that sometimes petrol and diesel are adulterated, due to which the drivers have to bear the loss, but on the contrary, CNG cannot be adulterated. Therefore, there is no possibility of adulteration.

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Final Words

In this post CNG Full Form in Hindi, you got to know about what is CNG gas, how CNG gas is made, full form of CNG, properties of CNG gas, benefits of CNG gas. I hope you must have got to know a lot in the post of CNG Full Form.

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