AM & PM Meaning- Where Does have the Use of It?

AM & PM Meaning in Hindi: In today’s time, I cannot believe you are not aware of AM & PM meaning. Yet, if you do not know about what is the AM and PM meaning? Here I will provide some basic information about AM and PM words. Everyone uses it to see the time, while some use analog clocks, and others use the digital clock. But some of those who use digital clocks get confused about AM and PM and start thinking that what is the meaning of AM and PM in the watch? What is the full form of AM and PM?

Friends, if you do not know about it, then there is nothing to worry about. It is necessary to know about it for general knowledge because it is imperative to understand its meaning to find out the right time so that anyone knows about it. If you asked questions, you could answer them without any hesitation. Today, through this article, I am going to give you information related to am and pm, so you must read our post till the last.

Meaning of PM

The full form of PM is “Post Meridiem” you must be hearing this word for the first time because this word has been taken from the Latin language. This word means afternoon in English and afternoon in Hindi. It is also called Madhyahna in Hindi, which means evening time. We use PM in the clock from 12:00 in the afternoon to 12:00 at night.

Example 10:00 PM It means 10 o’clock at night.

Other full forms of PM

(a) Prime Minister

(b) Private Message

(c) Project Manager

Meaning of AM

Talking about the full form of AM, let me tell you that the full form of AM is “Ante Meridiem” you must be hearing this word for the first time because this word has also been taken from the Latin language, which is called in English before noon (time before noon), we also call it Purvahan, i.e. morning time. You will get to see AM on your watch from 12:00 midnight to 12:00 noon.

Example 10:00 AM. It means 10 AM in the morning.

History of AM and PM

The invention of the clock proved to be very useful for us. When we are not aware of such things or before the creation of the watch, we had to take the help of the position of the sun and moon to know the time. That is, time was seen through the role of the sun in the day and the position of the moon and stars in the night.

The Egyptians are believed to have divided a day into 24 equal parts using a base of 12. Accordingly, we can say that the 12-hour system was first used by the people of Egypt. After that, as time went on, then new technologies were discovered to see the time. Among them, the digital watch is also one that is used to see the time in today’s world.

The 12 hours system and 24 hours system are used to see the time. When you set the time on your mobile or computer, you must have noticed that there are two options, one is 12 hours format, and the other is 24 hours format. Only am and pm is used in 12 hours format.

Concluding Words on AM and PM Full Form

So friends, now you must have come to know about AM and PM very well. Here you know AM means AM (time before noon) and PM means midday (time afternoon or evening time). I hope that after reading this article, the dilemma that you had in your mind regarding AM and PM will have been cleared.

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